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Priority growth areas

The Growth Areas Team (GAT) is working closely with state infrastructure agencies, local governments and the development industry to help accelerate land supply priority growth areas across in South East Queensland.

Caboolture West and Southern Redland Bay have been identified as priority growth areas.

  • The Queensland Government recently announced the initial stage of Caboolture West, known as Neighbourhood Development Plan 1 (NDP1), as the first pilot project for the Growth Areas Team to:

    • unlock growth
    • address housing choice and affordability
    • identify the infrastructure necessary to support more liveable communities.

    The broader Caboolture West area in the Moreton Bay Regional Council has been identified as a major expansion area within the South East Queensland Regional Plan (ShapingSEQ).

    Caboolture West is at the heart of a rapidly growing corridor north of Brisbane. The area is expected to eventually provide approximately 30,000 homes for around 70,000 people and generate close to 23,000 jobs.

    Caboolture West has land utilisation challenges typically found in SEQ. Land fragmentation and incomplete land use and infrastructure planning are impacting on the ability to bring well planned and serviced land and housing to the market.

    This pilot project will build on the collaboration already underway between the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Unitywater, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and land-owners.

    The Growth Areas Team has recently extended its remit with Caboolture West beyond facilitating outcomes in the NDP1 precinct to accelerating the overarching structure and infrastructure planning for the area. This will pave the way for the next phase of development in this important growth area extending beyond the NDP1 precinct.

  • Southern Redland Bay was announced as the second priority growth area, to accelerate land supply in South East Queensland, on 25 June 2021.

    The area is expected to be home to more than 10,000 people with capacity for approximately 5000 residential lots. Shoreline, one of the major planned developments in the area, is set to feature 3000 lots alone.

    The Growth Areas Team is working with Redland City Council, state agencies and land owners to efficiently bring land to market in this important growth front.

    The Deputy Premier recently made a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation for a waste water treatment plant that will service the Southern Redland Bay growth area.

    The state government has also invested $15 million in loan funding from the Building Acceleration Fund to co-fund the $30 million waste water treatment plant. The approval, and the funding assistance, will ensure that this essential piece of urban infrastructure is delivered in time to support the staged rollout of land and housing.

Last updated: Tuesday, Jul 6, 2021